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Apr 13, 2022

Daniel D mourns the death of #GilbertGottfried because that's the current thing on social media, and there are few things in Life that are more heartbreaking than losing an elderly celebrity whom you did not personally know and have never even met. But when we watch those reruns of SNL from the 80s or when we hear a commercial for Aflac, we'll grieve over the loss of . . . well, there will be a new current thing on social media and the news soon, and then we'll forget all about good ol' Gilbert.

Meanwhile...did you know Gottfried's fellow SNL 80s-era star, Joe Piscopo, is STILL ALIVE! But who cares. We won't worry about him until he dies too.

And then #NYC is leading the way, not just with domestic terror attacks, but also with teaching young schoolkids about gender fluidity and dressing in drag. But can NYC do more? How about taking pre-schoolers on field trips to strip clubs and brothels? Hey, get these toddlers off their mamas' titties and introduce them to trans titties and drag titties! 

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