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Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D

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Sep 15, 2019

In this 9th episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, host Daniel D discusses:

  • The spiritual benefits of skipping church;
  • The dysfunction in the Democratic Presidential Debates;
  • The fanatical support on the Religious Right for our pussy-grabbing President;
  • Mother Nature's sexism at work in the differences between men and women when it comes to gaining weight (and why it's a good thing for heterosexual men); and
  • How racism plays out in the restaurant business.
  • Oh, and of course, there are a couple more very corny "It's so hot!" jokes...

This episode of the Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast will be released Sunday, September 15, 2019 and will be available wherever quality podcasts are sold, bartered, or given away for free.