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Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D

Welcome to The Crazy Comedy, Humor, and Satire Podcast by Daniel D! Check out these funny episodes here, or at, or you can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or whatever your favorite podcast app is! To learn more about Daniel D and his funny weirdness, click on his LinkTree: 

Sep 8, 2019

In this 8th episode of the 1st season of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, host Daniel D...

  • Lusts after Serena Williams and addresses the racist beauty standards in female tennis;
  • Disses the Millennial Generation and their godawful music;
  • Shits on Smart Cars and the stupid people who own them; and
  • Cracks corny jokes (with 4-year-old Hannah) about Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, and other all-American targets.

This episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast will be released Sunday, September 8, 2019.